Cartoon News #6 Attention! Attention!

To the future employees of War and Fun! department in Gametoria corporation™, the head of the department, Emmit Gingerbread, would like to say a few words.

Hello, partners! 

My name is Emmit Gingerbread and as we are approaching to the opening of the department, I am so happy to inform you about some cool things you will encounter here with us.

As you may already know, each reality (or as it is known among the public – the map) will take you to the different place with unique experience. But did you know all realities have their own behavior and change during the play? We called it Anomalies

As you will explore realities, they will appear from time to time, changing rules and offering new opportunities. Like The Mist which will lower your vision and conceal you from the enemy eyes.

Portals on the other hand will allow you to get to the places which are difficult to get to. But beware! You never know where you end up.

Will you be able to adapt to these events and use it as an opportunity to outsmart your opponents? You will be able to find out soon.

And before you ask, our testers assuring our fun quality of all realities are reporting everything is working fine… sort of. But who don’t like to swing real hard from time to time.

It’s been a real pleasure to introduce myself to you guys and soon I will tell you more about amazing stuff we’ve prepared for you.

So stay tuned! And until next time, take care. – EG

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